Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Christmas Post

Let's pretend this blog post is dated, oh, a month ago. Work with me here.

The first year we were married, it was all I could do to get Christmas cards in the mail. I mean, we're talking thirty-some cards written, addressed, stamped, and mailed. I know.

I bought some cheap mediocre Christmas cards at a local buyout store and called it a day. Needless to say, there are no pictures of the cards from 2008.

Anyway, the year after that I really got with the program and produced these:


(Josh turned an extra card into a Christmas ornament, ergo the leather trimmings.)

Then the year after that I made these:

(envelope front)
(card front)


And this year I continued with the green theme and made these:

I have a hard time pinpointing my One Favorite Color, but if I had to choose, it would be green. In fact I'm secretly proud of my longstanding, unwavering loyalty to green - very few of my favorite things stay favorites for long. Anyway, it was pretty simple to decide on a color scheme for my Christmas cards, and I think this year I really got it right, what with the brown recycled cardstock and matching envelopes. Handmade; simple. Primitive, almost.

The quote is from what may be my favorite Christmas song ever - I Believe in Father Christmas by British prog rock band Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. The music video's somethin else, too:

Merry Christmas everyone!!