Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Houseplant

Painted my little houseplant a few nights ago at my dining room table:

"Little Houseplant" Oil on canvas panel, 6x8" 

Beginning my painting. I painted over an old painting and it left some interesting texture that I like. 

I learned early on in college that painting symmetrical objects (in this case, the white planter, but also wine bottles, candelabras, milk cans, vases, and a whole slew of other still life props) can be difficult. 

I've since learned that what's more difficult is to give the impression of symmetry without creating a perfect image - that is, while still employing a loose brush and keeping that painterly effect.

After a bit of time...

"Little Houseplant" Oil on canvas panel, 6x8"
He's such a friendly-looking houseplant, don't you think?*

We're supposed to be getting some warmish weather later this week. I'll take that as a cue to get outside and start painting. Wish I had some inspiration about where to go, but usually I find that it's more about getting somewhere - anywhere - outside and then finding the inspiration in whatever's in front of you.

*And easy, too. Don't know what he is, but he goes for weeks without water (necessary tactic at our house. Only the strong survive). And what is it with artists personifying their inanimate subjects? At least, I think it's an artist thing. I feel like when I'm painting something, it's very easy to create a personality for that thing and then bring it out in my work. It becomes like a portrait. Weird?

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