Friday, July 20, 2012

David and Michael

"David" Oil on 8x10 canvas

"Michael" Oil on 8x10 canvas
Portraits of loved ones are the absolute worst. These were a combined mothers/fathers day gift for my parents when they came to visit early in the summer. I had painted a self-portrait, as well, but that one is unfit for blogging. I asked Mom and Dad to let me keep them all a little while longer and fix them, but I haven't allowed myself to return to them yet. 

I'm actually really digging Michael's. It's a good caricature.


  1. Samantha this is great! Keep the blogging up! I really like the portrait of me and Michael!! But what do you like about Michael's? What is it about mine that you aren't really into? I think it makes me look pretty good so maybe that's why I am definitely into it haha!

    The one thing I have against your talents is that it has made me attempt to pretend to act completely apathetic about my own artistic/creative abilities for my whole life haha. Friday, even though the students are out of school right now, the teachers still have to show up for work, so we have a lot of free time so I am supposed to decorate the English room and I realized I hate decorating. It's probably mostly due to the fact that I've always known I'd never reach a fraction of your ability. But then I realized I'm not actually THAT bad, it just takes me a really long time.

    Do you have any decorating ideas for a Japanese elementary English classroom? I thought it would be great to do an olympic theme for a part of it (some of the athletes like Michael Phelps and Usain are a big deal to the kids and probably help them get more enthusiastic about learning English). It would be cool to create a more global English classroom. You're probably the perfect person to ask for a couple obvious reasons.
    Keep the blogging up!

  2. You are amazing. I wish we lived closer and you teach Ella or just "play" with her. :-) She is so excited about what you showed her last time.