Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oregon Painting No. 3

Here's the last painting from our Oregon summer vacation. It was a lazy afternoon near the end of our trip, and I decided to walk around the lake to Gini's dock, straight across from Mom and Dad's beautiful home. Still weird that I can't call it my home, anymore.

This is about where I got before I decided to go back inside due to the late afternoon sun/heat.

Working later on the dining room table from a photo. I don't usually mind working from small grainy photos (such as the ones produced by my lame phone) because even though it's frustrating, it's good practice. It's so much simpler to paint quickly and loosely when you're not bogged down by details.

"Lake House" Oil on canvas board, 8x10
There are still things I'd like to change and fix, per the usual, but I'm loving the various trees, shapes, shades of green. It's a blurry memory of home. 

P.S. Sold a painting this week (!) to a dear friend from church. It's at the framer's now. :)

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