Monday, May 26, 2014

HUF Mural

Last summer in Europe, Josh and I had the opportunity to revisit Scandicci, the suburb of Florence, Italy, where we studied abroad our junior year of college. We stayed in this awesome 500-year old villa with 45 other college students and it was an unbelievable blast. 

So of course we swung by again to visit and say hello to our old friends and program directors, Robbie and Mona. 

It felt like a dream to be back in the place where we shared so many good memories. Downstairs there's an old stone cellar fondly known as "The Dungeon" where every HUF group is invited to create a mural depicting their trip. By the time we got there in 2007, there wasn't much prime real estate left, so we looked down. 

There wasn't enough space to represent everyone's legs and feet, but I got as many in as I could. Even Dottie, the beloved villa Dalmatian, made it in. She passed away during our session, so she's memorialized next to Jeremy in the khaki pants - he's Robbie and Mona's nephew and he grew up with her. 

I was able to round up these old photos circa 2007 from facebook, courtesy of Rachels-previously-Catrow-and-Pugh:

Everyone was sweet and took turns hanging out with me while I worked. 

Such good times. 

Arrivederci! More soon!

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